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Sunday 23rd October 2016

Sunday 23rd Oct is Mission Sunday. The 2nd Collection at all Masses will be in support of World Missions Ireland and will replace the normal Share Collection.

Sunday 23rd Oct, we welcome members of the Legion of Mary to our Parish to speak at all Masses, they will be visiting some homes in the town on Saturday and we hope you give them a very warm welcome.

Saturday/Sunday 22nd & 23rd Oct Children’s Church will resume. It will be at the 6pm Mass on Saturday and also the 10am Mass on Sunday for the first week back. Through the year it will switch alternately between those two Mass times.

Sunday 23rd October at 12pm
Ciaran Jones Memorial Walk
Starting from Kilbride Hall and Ciaran Jones Bridge at 12.30pm
Suitable for all walkers, refreshment in the Hall after walk at 2.30pm
Approx. 8km/ 2 hours.

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BYP 2016

Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Situated on the N81 out of Dublin is the largest town in West Wicklow. The gateway to the National Park, an outdoor paradise of woods, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Blessed by nature - but also a place of real historical significance. The very story of Ireland is to be found in the stones and records of this part of the ancient Province of Leinster.

This website will introduce you to the history, culture and life of the people who are happy to call "Baile Coimin" the town of the blessing - their home.


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